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Soon to be .....

I LoSt My RiNg ='(


That wud be my first word (is it a word? *sigh*) ...

Aku dah budget dah bnd ni akan berlaku jugak...tunggu masa je... I suppose to leave my ring at home tak payah bawak datang sini....sedeynye....that was my most beautiful simple ring .... It was my parent gift to me...I want my ring BACK!!!!!!!!!!

The whole story goes like this:

Last nite, as usual ada latihan, I already put on my shoes and after calling ena, aku baru sedar i still wore my ring, disebabkan kemalasan aku nak buka balik kasut tuuu (MARAH!) aku pun decide juz to put it in my pocket yang berzip, where i also put my room key in it....So, after the practice aku pun balik ke bilik, aku tak sedar lagi masa tu, sampai aku boleh siap menghias blok dan masa dah settle tu aku chk dalam pocket suar aku dah TAK DER!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aku cam tak der perasaan masa tu, maybe bcoz dah terlalu penat but i still search for my ring... I went back to bola tampar court, masa tu dah pukul 145…

HeRe I CoMe!!!!

Finally, my fwen managed to persuade me to create my own blog....I'm still weng about this blog thing...haha...but no worries, I'll catch up wit u guys soon...huhu
Since this is my first write in a blog, I guess there's nothing much to say, but juzt a simple word, DO WELCOME ME!!! =D
Aite, its already 2:44 a.m, need to go to bed now....Hurm, takes a very long time to figure out bout being a blogger...If i'm not gud enough do tell me, but plzzzz dun be so hard on me, I'm still new...hehe...PeAcE All =)