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April ...

Assalamualaikum and Hi all!!!

APRIL!!! ... Don't know why but I kinda love April ... Today I woke up and feels so much in love with April ... Hurmmm, I wonder why ... I also gets myself a new fragrance call "In Love" by Lancome ... hahahahahahaha ... >_<

Someone inspired me to write again ... Well, I guess it is true to write something we need someone or something to inspired us to really produce a very good writing. (^_______^)Y
But the person asked me to write on something else, something different from my previous and latest entry I guess ... Hurmmm, I was not really myself past couple of month and that's how those entry suddenly happened :p

Let's write something in Bahasa (^___________^)

Since its a 'in love' month for me ... I will still write something on L.O.V.E also ... but different kind of L.O.V.E  : )

Hubungan cinta paling agung adalah hubungan cinta antara Tuhan dan hambaNYA. Tiada kompromi terhadap ayat berkenaan. 

Dipetik dari dinding FB seor…