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When the love falls

When the love falls – Inspired by When the love falls by Yiruma
When the love falls, As i walk pass the dessert of love, I wasn’t expecting much as i have learn love will come to me eventually,
So... When the love falls, It'll hit hard, that it will hurt me and will eat me bit by bit Love is the only thing in life i cannot avoid I keep falls in love that hurt
When the love falls, To those who believe... Be strong cause it will definitely hurt Stand still as the pain will go away And you’ll learn it’ll stays The pain and the love that flies away
but... Eventually, someone who will always meant for you will come, and make all the pain goes away, the one who'll bring the joy again to your life, show you how love suppose to be, love is not pain, love is simply... patience, honor and understanding 

I love you mr. fiancee