Say Hello Love ...

Wow, its been a while...

Looking at my little chat box, many people already visited my blog. Thanks a bunch people!! 

I cant find time to write, that's why I have a very big gap between each entry. Anyhow, I would love to share something with you all today.

Love is a very great feeling that can come to one life. I couldn't agree more but of course this only apply to those who get the pure and real love. As for my case, still looking and keep looking (^^,

Along the way, I found a lot of different people. It's like a journey to know someone. Observe them, how they act, how they says thing. Sometime its also happened when we see the great side of someone but then cannot work out because of certain reason. We stop and continue with our journey to find the perfect one. Well at least, someone we can consider match with us. Okay, Perfection is a big word. No one Perfect. I got that but what I meant from this term of perfect is, someone you been dreaming for, the type of character you want in someone. If not all, at least some of it are there in that person. Should be enough I guess. 

I never been in love more tougher than this one. Why??? Oh, dear!! Did I just wrote I - in love???? HAHAHA
Okay. It all started when I start my work at my current office. The best working environment so far. I am so happy with my job. well exclude the stress hour sometimes. :p
I hate him because I thought this guy so ego in some way. Who know hatred change to love when finally had to handle one project with him. He like my teacher. Well, sort of....
So, the love keeps developing in me for this particular person. But then....I don't realize that there too many differences between us that can make my love failed without even trying. When I said differences means VERY BIG DIFFERENCES!

Differences like different race, religion ... bla..bla..bla... (-_-!

Complicated as it is, another great man harbour me with his feeling over me ... Great to have someone loves me and brave enough to share his feeling bluntly to me. Very big risk since this person already know my feeling towards other person. Another sigh~. Sorry!! 

For another person who managed to step in into my life. OKAY!! sound like so many man suddenly gets into my life picture...IM NOT PLAYGIRL!! So just you all know.
They just came in. I can't stop what they feel towards me. First time in my life I think, such thing happened to me. 

During my school, college, university. NO GUYS ever came into my life. Now only like GOD!!! Seriously?? How can I manage??

I guess ALLAH had grant my prayer. Do I really pray hard on this one? Hurmmm....
Do sent me someone I know he's the right one for me. My partner in this world and also in Jannah (heaven).
I don't want to have to select and reject all the time. Plus, some hard decision. 

So, the 3rd person still under my consideration. I never say no to him neither yes. I just want to go with the flow. If he's the one for me no matter how hard I try to avoid him or the other way round he will still be with me. I don't think I should force him to stop loving me. 

See how complicated love is??? The person you want so bad, did not response to you. The one you not really expected, loves you. Crazy sometimes...

Drop a comment if you have something to share on this...

Loves to share this music with you all;

Till Then People,


Qalb said…
let me quote some one...
"I read it, some make me laugh, some make cry, some to ponder and some make me freak-out"...


Wish you best...

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