Overwhelm cum despair


Story 1

Today, my sis-in-law (SIL) yang kat Arab nun selamat melahirkan her 4th child - another boy ... It seems like the princessa of the family stay in her thrown still (hahaha) but she was hoping she'll have a baby-sister ... No problemo, looking at the bright side kakak, you the only girl thou - Like me (I have so much priviliges to enjoy!)

Thou, they are so afar and up till now I still have no idea what's the new born name, hurmmm...I'm still happy coz If ALLAH's will I'm going to be there on 19th of Dec .... weeee~
Can't wait to perform my umrah and doa banyak2 kat sana ... hurmmm, hopefully everything go as smooth as it can be - No period for me plzzzzzzzzzzzz (from 19/12 - 30/12)

Story 2

I finally finished (well, seems like it) what I was doing to my blog ... How was it? I don't know but I pretty like it this way minus the nuffnang where I don't really get it - but doesn't matter, I'll fix it later and also other things which I want it to pop up in my blog but I DON'T SEE THEM!!! (marah!)

Anyway, the evil twin stuff are ridiculous but I like it thou sebabnya, tak yahla citer kat sini but it all start when I view my old email and I found this email once sent to me by 49 years old men - He was unbelievable (urgh! geli aku bila ingat balik but still my mistake - plzzz, i don't do anything obscene, okay? Get those dirty stuff lingering on your mind hell away!)
Okay, untuk mengelakkan sebarang kontroversi baik aku citer

It goes this way, masa tu aku pun tak ingat aku berumur berapa maybe 20 or 21 (hurmmm..) Masa tu main friendster je blom ada lagi facebook2 nih ... So, layan friendster saja, I post my pic - biasalah kan ... UNFORTUNATELY! one of my pic membuatkan that guy a little bit excited about me (idiot!) So, he starts to message me and the thing happened but he did manage to monitor his words but aku 21 kot, bukannya 12 tahun (budak 12 tahun pun dah boleh faham) - So, the story end up with aku basuh kepala pakcik nih sampai dia tak email aku dah - Insaf kot gamaknya and as for the picture i get rid of it.

Well, I learned my lesson (T_T) wuuuuu~


Story 1

Semalam masa membeli-belah kat Sogo, tengah2 syok tengok baju baby sekali datang mak aku - "Sya, tengok budak tu macam Aniq" (Okay, Aniq is my nephew - it got nothing to do with any guy)

So, aku pun tengoklah budak tu - YA ALLAH, mmg seiras betul ... Tiba2 rasa sedih sebab teringat kat anak sedara aku tuh ... Dulu masa dia dekat sini aku selalu marah dia sebab dia tu suka buat orang nak marah dia - well, anak kedua kepala angin sikit ... Sangat sedih =(
Tapi bila fikir nanti dapat jumpa juga sedih sikit jela...hahaha (boleh tak camtu??? heeee)
Very handsome boy, that boy pun kira dekat2 baya Aniq kot - Dia sampai tersipu2 kitorang asyik pandang dia ... Mak aku lagi extreme gi tegur mak budak tu - So, she story habis ler kat mak budak tu about her beloved grandson.
Kesian, my mom nampaklah dia teringat sangat kat Aniq sebab dia ikut that boy.

So, don't take anyone for granted ... Rasa sunyi sejak my other niece and nephews flew away from this country ... Nakal2 dia pun, ada gak memberi kesan kat aku ni bila dia tak ada - sekarang pengganti dia adalah anak kepada my 2nd brother - Izz Nadhilah ... Huiii~ sometimes sangat menguji kesabaran but sometimes menggeletek hatiku dengan bicara dia yang ikut suka hati dia je ... This one I learn to be more gentle with

Story 2

Okay, another sad story is something that relate to what I think and what I feel ... I FEEL my SIL in Arab tu sad or maybe upset with me because I THINK maybe she thought that because of me my parent couldn't come down there a little earlier to help her up with the after birth works...She feel sad and it effect her emotionally maybe ... I don't know maybe it's just something that I feel and I think because past few days I sense differences of the way she text me in facebook and she not really paid attention to me while we were chatting not like the old days - I don't know maybe that's because she was pregnant and she ain't feeling comfortable and bla..bla...bla...(but she was fine with other people...)

Now, aku pula yang emo sebab aku tak boleh kalau orang ignore aku tanpa sebab-musabab yang relevan - It will make me come out with lots of IDEA which not so good and I swear to GOD I don't like that ... So, please!!! What happened with the people in this world with communication????? If you have something to say just say it, whether it's about something that is good or not - if you can't find the less harsh way to do so, well, try your best to find one way that can at least won't leave any gap between us.

Hurm, well ... that's a relief =D

Okay, till then



Ahahah kem salam kat SILs new baby ^_^

P/s: New PURPLE layout. Well done =p
eM. said…
oit...jgn sedey2 aaa...

nak copy proposal project ko plzz....................
email kt aku.
Faer - Hehehehe ... tu puji ke atau sebaliknyew tu?? hahaha

Ema - Aku dah sent kat asilaakma@gmail.com takkan tak sampai2 g kot

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