I AM ... nur aishah (^_^)

First of all, this song has got nothing to do with me...well, a bit ... Another beautiful song from Beyonce . title Broken Hearted Girl taken from her album I AM ... Sasha Fierce (huhuhu, that's xplain tajuk post kali ni =P) Anyway, what i like most about its video is the rewind part (cantum2 bunga tu....heee...beautiful)

Lagu ni macam lagu frust je kan at firts? But, the way she express in the second half of the song macam bersemangat sikit menjadikan lagu ni not in the sad mode dah =P ... Apa2pun lurve this song! Go BEYONCE!


eM. said…
i am...mr. penyu.

(maksud aku tuh..referring to u ok?)
mrs laaaa....ko nih...sumpah ko jadi obor2 baru tau

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