I can't stop...

"Wise men said only fools rush in ..."
"I can't stop falling in love with you ..."

I am mad...So very mad...I curse you inside but at the same time still can't get you out of my system...So, I dive in deep into the sea of ALLAH's love...There, I found peace and tranquility...I learn that love is not something for you to own but for you to take it as AMANAAH.

Love for the sake of ALLAH

All the while, we've been doing it the wrong way ... So, I was swift away by the game of Shaytaan and I forgot the RULES

I should have never hate you for what happened, instead I should take this as a lesson where I will continue learning and understand life better.

When you can't never hate those who hurt you, know that your love for them is TRUE.

May we find each other again, in a correct manner and with full of blessing from ALLAH. In Shaa ALLAH. 


Qalb said…
"Love for the Sake of ALLAH" ...

So special one, right? :p

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