Misses + Pressure + Bad dream

None all the above really related but still they'll come to give me the you-can't-escape-us situation...sigh~!


Miss my mom my dad my brothers, sis-in-laws, nieces and nephews, fwens, jogging guy (waiting for ur HELO) sigh~! feel like i want to miss everyone...


Well, the final exam ahead me and I dun really like the time passing by so damn fast...I can't even catch all the moment and everything that happened in my everyday life in a proper way...Everything seem like have to be done in hustle...Misses those days when I can sit down for while and have my own cosy time...hard to get it nowadays...Plus, I will have no semester break this coming holiday, WAAAAAAAA!!! I will have my practical training...My final paper would be on 24th April ... I have only two days to have a break...if it really give me a little break which i can say i wouldn't have any...25th surely I have to pack all things going back to Penang...Perhaps I will be there at 12 pm or something IF i manage to be ready on everything earlier and depart from KL early on the morning...26th, I will have to check out on the road to my practical training place...Will I have the time to sit down and relax for a while? I don't know...

Bad Dream

I don't know why but I keep having quiet few bad dreams...Thanks god I remember all those dream and those dream didn't happen at the time where I can say it might have a meaning and I need to find out bout it...Still, I HATE BAD DREAM!
Really creeps me out!

I need a break!!!!


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