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Well, for those yang taking praktikal HEPI HOLIDAY TOMORROW! Well, tu je cuti yang korang ada paling pjg....wahahahaha...Damn it!
Well, I was hoping my LI outcome will be smooth no hassle, no dilemma, heart accident and so on but then, after I received my first task which is to actually complete a system for the organization, a simple system according to them but im not sure if it is for me (WAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!)I have to say I've come to my doom day... Aku baru sekang nak terkial2 bukak netbeans, explore semula the whole thing...I was like, dreamweaver in my right side and Netbeans 6.1 on the other hand...which one to use???...dreamweaver, oh yeah simple..everyone will say dat but aku nih nak connect ngan database, tak penah aku guna apa2 yang melibatkan database guna Dreamweaver...dah satu masalah...sakit....sakit....Aku pun, memilih utk menggunakan, I stuck now on its *tut...tut..* (cannot say...dosa wooo =P) coding! Haih~!

I try to search for help in youtube...doesnt get much thru it coz all the tutorial given using, where the hell im going to understand PHP...the tension is already here....I'm asking one of the kakak in my unit la (aku sesuka suki aku je pgl akak kat dia walhal dia tu boleh dikatakan 2nd bos wo...well, who cares!)....actually, I'm in ICT unit (Yeah, like where else will they put me)...These kakak says, "Akak tak pandaila javascript dik, kat sini kita pakai PHP.." I was like , okaaayyyy...Im on my own...but actually they all nice in here...they try to help me although its like mencurah air ke daun keladi...I dun get them, they keep telling stuff i dun even needed....sigh~! So, tomorrow is off....Im planning on going out with my friend...wuhooo, jom berlibur on labour day!!! hakhak Aku tension sebenarnya nih...

what if i dun get my system done in time?
what if i don't know the coding?
What if i can't do it? dun want to be a failure... Actually, the form is simple but it's the requirement of my big boss + with the coding that never gets right even though i feel like it shud be okay, still not okay and I cant find where it went wrong....argh!!! tension!!!! =(


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p/s: Hari hujan, lepas tu pepaham jela bilik ict punye tahap kesejukan...aku kuar bilik terus menggigil, sampai drive pun dah tak betul...dalam keta, aku trus tutp aircond...tak penah laks aku menggigil sampai camtu sekali...penahla tapi kat GENTING! ini bukan genting..giler ar...seb bek aku tak langgar mana2 tembok ke, keta ke, ORANG ke....sigh~!


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