All i ever wanted is for it to be beautiful

I don’t know how my love story going to begin because as far as I concern I haven’t find anyone yet and it’s a heart crashing. Maybe I might end up with someone’s choices and nothing more I can do except to accept it as I lose hope to keep searching anymore. Finally, I had no control over something I ever wanted in my life. Someone I can call a friend, a lover and a husband!

I always want it to be beautiful - from the way we met to the day we approach each other. I want to have those special moments like others while we dating.

When we together feels like we complete each other.
We share our problems – Light up each others life.

We fight but still we know how to control our anger – we console back each other.
We lost whenever we keep that anger too long in ourselves – the completeness breaks.
We learn to search for our mistake instead of others.

Believing is the serenity of our love.
I’ll take you as an angel to guide and protect me and you always there – No Doubt!
and you will always have my love, my heart, my soul and my RESPECT.

Honesty will always be our key to live in honor.

That is the kind of love I’ve been looking for and that’s how beautiful I want it to be. Can I have it? Can I?????

p/s: I just woke up from a heart crashing world - puff! these comes out (Sorry, if it irritates you all)

-TiLL Then ToOdLeZ-


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