How SWEET are you?

Assalamualaikum dan Selamat Malam ...

Last Saturday aku pulang ke Penang my HOMETOWN!!! secara mengejut ... Tak mengejut sangatlah sebab supposedly memang kena balik because of cousin wedding but then last minute cancel and last minute jugak resume ... YEA, saya sangat tak stabil past couple of days ... URGH~!!!!

I did it again!!! My poor heart ... hang in there buddy, I'll save you ... I promise no more after this ... You'll be with me and only with me ... HEH ~ Sangat poyo!

Okay, so what about it ... going back to hometown ... Something to reminicse ... Biasalah kenangan mengusik jiwa ... Kuikuikui :p

Masa aku dekat sana, dah last day pun ... I go thru my laci (well, my father did asked me to clean up my stuff dekat meja tu ... lots of paper he said!!!) ... I kept everything as my personal things ... Sayang nak buang so I keep it, sometimes I even keep unnessary things. >_<

I come to my diary!!!

Dulu memang suka na menulis dalam diari ... Dekat 5 diari jugakla ... zaman2 tengah nak up ... Hahahahaha
Nothing specialla, biasalah diari talk more on life ... but ada satu part in the diary that really caught my attention and which i didnt do it anymore ... Dulu aku actually, akan keep all the messages from friend which i think kinda sweet sebab dulu HP mana ada besar memory ... So, message banyak kena buang ... So, as a solution I wrote it in the diary ... Come to look at it, AUUUWWW~ I have so many sweet and funny friends which I already lost contact with. :(
Especially the GUYS!! heh~

That bring me to my another memory ... 

"Akukan menghilang, dalam pekat malam ... Lepasku melayang"

Dulu, aku pernah dapat lagu ni from a guy ... Mula2, ingat dia main sendiri and sent the song to me tapi version yang dia bagi tu memang yang unplugged punya, cait~
tapi it is sweet, don't you think!!???
Hurrrmmm, I wonder how's he doing now .... 

I kinda miss all the sweet, sweet treatment from my friends ... guys and girls ..

I met a new friend ... lil sister I should say ...
Start up as my part timer in my former company she slowly become close to me ... I share some stuff with her that she might come to think she know me very well already ... Well, guess what!!!??? NO YOU DON'T! 
HAHAHA ... I'm hard to fathom girl ...

But, she been nice to me since the day we met. She been a very good staff, very hardworking. I can count on her to let go on new project for her to handle. 

Kekadang tu rasa macam dia boleh baca aku punya condition. But then, aku ni memang so obvious kalau aku emosi. :p

So she treat me pretty well. She remembered my waffle flavour!! She always there to ... well just be there....HAHAHAHAHA

Contoh, tadi masa aku sampai KL ... I didnt expect that she going to be there too (thou im not telling her yang aku nak jumpa dia kat KL Sentral tu which at the end aku bagitaula - HOI, apa ni!!!??? Confusion...drop it!) The main reason dia berada di sana aku rasala SEBAB dia tau aku sangat tak OKAY!
So, dia nakla tengok keadaan kakak dia yang GILA ni since kakak dia ni avoiding lots of thing lately ... 
Funny thing, she bring my favourite waffle!!! Alolololo ... so sweet of you dear 
TAPI at the end dia give up sebab dia tak boleh nak kembalikan kakak dia yang dulu tu ... So, sorry ... I NEED MORE TIME (^^,)Y
You might hate the new NUR AISHAH but trust me it's only temporary ye dik non (If you reading this)

So, it's great to at least cheer up a friend, do some sweet stuff. I dont know if im good at it but at least i try-la. I'm planning to do lots of it starting next year. Well, I already kick start with a new friend of mine this year but I dont think that went well ... Ergh~ *Menikam dikalbu wa cakap lu!!!
My fault .... 

See sometimes, sweet thing can also turn thing to sour, well I said i'm not good at it already!!!
But then, semua berlaku pun bersebab ... *Eh, tetibe plak~ 

Okayla, that should be enough. Terasa nak menulis tentang my sweet friends. So, here goes. Penulisan kali ni takdela ilmiah sangat. Cuma bacaan santai di kala malam hari. HAHAHAHA

But honestly, surprises do bring joy to people heart. I mean the GOOD one, people!!
What you give you get back ....
Tapi bila buat tu biarlah dengan hati yang ikhlas. Bila tengok orang lain HAPPY buat kita pun rasa HAPPY. (^__________________^)Y

Find my next target .......
beep ... beep.....beep......
it could be you

- Aisya -


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