-Keep Running Back-

These days you barely even say my name
Like you don’t really feel the same
I’m wondering whats to blame

Tell us something? At least if we both choose to move on we know exactly what lead us to it...Don't just go like that...Plzzz, never run from your problem because it's about someone who love you very dearly (perhaps...) You might want the 2nd chance so better have a wide thought on thing regarding your relationship that you decide

These nights, I fall asleep wondering where you are
It feels like we’re falling apart
And it’s totally breaking my heart

If only you knew..

Cause if bein’ with you means being alone
And never knowing when you’re comin’ home
Then I guess I’m better off on my own

Critically damage...when she have a thought like this, I bet there wont be me&you in the future...So, open up your heart in the first place...Understanding is vital in one relationship and of course honesty. No matter how big is your problem, you can always share with someone who is close to your heart.

But I cant move on
Cause that means forgettin, forgettin, everything we had
Instead I keep running, keep running, I keep running back
Cause I keep forgettin, forgettin, you treat me so bad
So I keep on comin, keep comin, I keep comin back

This is what happen when we treasure someone most...It is hard to let them go even they been threating you very badly and you wish they can be a better person to you but in the end they still won't at least understand what we are trying to tell them. They just ignore the signal and just won't listen. Remember there only 2 chances that we can get in our life. You lose one you can still redeem yourself and come back to the hood but when there is another 2,3 or 4 i don't think you should have anyone at all. Playing someone elses heart is the most vicious attitude. You knew it in a first place the relationship won't go anywhere but you just let it happen and didn't do anything to stop or prevent it from keep getting bigger. You take it as a cloth you bought in the mall, if you think it fit you go wit it but when you don't think it looks good on you, you just throw it a way, you thrash it. Your partner think that you both are happy but instead you're about to leave them...How exactly your emotion react that time? Are you as selamba as you are said "I think, I dun feel like keeping us any longer...I think we should break up..." Hurmm...You go figure...I juz potray them hideous in and out!

Actually, the part of every piece of words above are from the song Running Back singing by Australian Idol, Jessica Mauboy ... Really beautiful song although I don't really like it's videoclip...I lurve the lyric and really touched by every single words...haih~! I'm getting a lil bit emotional up there so, sorry for that...I'm out! Adios


eM. said…
sedey siuttttt~!!
Untuk semua...sob...sob...

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