The Tree Guy - Part 1

A new leaf have grows, it picture the summer are coming back. More fun and exciting activities already planned by me and my friends but first I have to end up this so-called rebelling curiosity in my head about the tree guy. That's what my friends and I called him. How we get the name? This John Doe always sitting under the same tree every evening. He stays there like he's been waiting for someone who never going to shows up and it happens everyday!

"Keira, comes downstairs and eat your dinner."

Owh, that's my mom calling. Guess I have to close this book for a while but don't worry I'm going to comeback to tell you more about this tree guy.


17 March 2007

It almost 6 month now and I'm developing a new habit to always check on this guy. After class I will make a fast move to the tree to see if he still continues with his habit to sit under the tree. Guess what? He's not there!
I don't know why my heart rebels to know what happens to the guy. It almost a week now, still no sign of him under the same tree he always sit on. My friends are all forgetting about him but I continuously search for the tree guy.

"I think you should stop now, It's been a month! I think he moved somewhere else." said Tina, one of my friend.

"He can't just disappear like that. It's just so weird."

"You know what is even weird?" asked Tina.


"You! The way you so want to see him that's weird. Since when you so obsess about him? Are you falling in love with him?"


I never answer Tina's question. I'm not obsess to this guy, I'm just a woman full of curiosity in heart. This guy have catch one of my curiosity attention and as a result I'm bound to him, to find out why he always sitting under the same tree? Who is he waiting for? It's been three years and now he just disappeared.

2 months from now, I will graduate and I will finally fly back to Malaysia. Still I cannot let him go. I will stay restless until I saw him again for one last time and sad to say it never happened!

And so, I fly back to Malaysia and decided to forget all about him.


Heeee, percubaan pertama untuk menulis kembali setelah sekian lama meninggalkan bidang penulisan. Hurm, citer ni ada sambungan lagi tapi kena tunggula yea...haha
Akhirnya bertemu dengan medium yang paling bagus untuk menulis dan ada pembaca yang akan membaca ... Anyway, enjoy reading!

TiLL ThEn,


eM. said…
Tree guy tu real x??
Oh, I hope he is ... tapi kena dengar the rest of the story tapi sekang tak leh lagi sbb kena siapkan THESIS!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAA~ (Jumaat dah nak kena anta)

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