When the opportunity comes ...

What's the desicion???

Recently, I have attended a walk-in-interview with these company in Cyberjaya ... I made it through if that's how I should describe it for I have been given the opportunity to talk to the MD's of the company for my 2nd interview...Unfortunately, there are lots of thing getting in the way - Most of it, is from my own self ... Accommodation, my parent so far away, the environment itself and due to my undecided state of mind I did a prayer to conclude all of these ... Should I pursuit my career with the company or just turn them down?? ... So, I got my dream and it's not a very good one ... I come to my decision to terminate my interview with them ... Without even noting them and keep them waiting for me ... Yeah, that was stupid and irresponsible (I know!) ... They called me later on, and express their disappointment towards my behavior ... Yes, guilty as charge! That's how I find myself ...

With a totally full taste of guilt build up in me ... I totally have my whole day pretty messed up and miserable enough if I should describe it in words, that's how it is ... The last time I felt this kind of feeling when I lied to my teacher to protect my friend (that was 9 years back) - FYI, the teacher really trust me and I have break his trust just by helping others!

Not in my nature to lied or to turn people down, I won't be able to sleep well if I did any of that ... So, I type a letter of apology to the company saying I'm sorry and bla..bla..bla..

They received my email and they reply to it - I asked the one I'd sent my email to, to cc my email and attachment of my apology letter to the MD's of the company.

I'm very happy that they did reply my email because I just can't help it to forget the words of disappointment they said to me ... When they reply and said that they forgive me ... argh!! what a relief ... But another problems came in when I have to think back about considering to join them ... Now, what should I do????

My mom doesn't seems to approve because the matter of distant of Cyberjaya which in her opinion too far away - She prefer me working in Putrajaya instead =p

As for my 2nd brother - Hurm, he doesnt seem to approve either and his reason is they sound desperate! and that is weird for such a big company (big enough for me =p).

Hurm, right now I still waiting for my 1st bro to give his comment and for my third bro, I don't have to ask perhaps because he prefer me working in Penang - I can look after my parent.

My father he just said "No" I should hold to my dream after my istikarah the night before the day of the interview ... Heeeee, so what else should I say??? It's been written already ... The job is not for me maybe they have to find another candidate as good as me to fill in the role ... Hahaha =p

As for now, all I want to do is to relax and enjoy my short holiday ... By June I'll be attending the MDeC training perhaps they have job placement afterwards, huuuuuu~

For those who read these, you can give your comment ... I'm open to all suggestion and comments. Thankz!

Alright, till then


aDyLLa OmaR said…
follow ur instinct~
that's what im doing now ... conclusion dia, kalau kita dah luah takkan nak jilat balik, right? sound very ego tapi itulah dia.

Kalau terima pun, kita dah ada isu disiplin n not commit sebab lari daripada tebew .. =p
Relax~ xder rezeki kat sner, kalo ad pown maybe yang kurang elok berbanding yang akan dtg k.
Don't dwell on the past but plan ahead =p Insyallah alrite!
Thankz faer .... dah lupa dah pasal monster tu ... try applying Sime Darby laks ... ekekekeke =p
zura said…
pilih mana rasa yg terbaik wat ko..jangan menyesal dikemudian hari..susah nnti..time tue dh xleyh nk berpatah balik.gud luck kawanku

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