Oh, dear!

Once again, always something to watch on the TV but still they have to have something that will make you stay tuned ... and luckily one reality tv show does just that!

Hooked on you Legacy - So You Think You Can Dance (S6) ... Brace yourself ladies (^_______^!

Pebble and Bambam ... Cool, eh?
Oh, god!

Absolutely mind blowing ... right? erk~

No, don't cry...I'll be your guardian angel..hahaha =p ... Sweet couple, aren't they?

Oh! How can I forgot the HOT one ... Look at that face. (~_~!

Alright, enough of Legacy ... Want to see more? Catch them on AXN (701 on Astro) every Saturday at 8pm. Wah~ Tetiber promote. =p

Alright, till then

p/s : Faer, aku dah gunapakai saranan ko ... hahahaha


Wah~ saranan aku ker? Terharu ok~ :p Hehe~ sedih sket r ko promote AXN, aku xder astro ~_~
alolololo....takpe2, youtube always by your side...ekekeke =p
tak pun download je, you good at it, don't you??? =p

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