Two stories, Different places

If only ....

1st Story

Hell no! This is not a love story ... but if i continues it with the sentence above it can get me there (the love2 situation) ... So, it was in Madain Salleh Madinah ...

It just to show the different between when you want something to happen and how you actually put a lot of effort to make sure it never going to happen.

So, here it goes ...

The bus about to move to our next destination ... Unfortunately, my father are not in the bus yet ... So, what did i do?? I get back in the Hotel and try to find him unknowingly, someone actually was trying to approach ...

Well, i'm sort of forget how he approach because i was busy looking for my father ... All i ever remember, he introduce himself (poor guy, he didn't actually knew i wasn't paying attention to him at all - Yerlah, AKU TENGAH CARI AYAH AKU KOT! Bas sedang menunggu tu) ... Bla...bla....bla... Here when i do the most dumbest thing ever i never done so quick in my life EVER! - I gave away my number ... I actually, don't know how to reject or say "I can't give you my number" or "No, i don't talk to stranger." Ergh~! pathetic me...
So, I don't knoe his name (he did tell me but i wasn't paying attention to him - remember?) or even his number .... So, naik balik atas bus dengan perasaan bercampur-baur ... My mom, she actually not angry with me she just nagged about it ... She said, why i didn't just give away my father's number - hurm, it didn't come to me that time.

So, once we hit Masjidil Nabawi I prayed so HARD that the guy will lose my number and if he ever remember its, he will forget! - I made it clear i don't want to have any relationship with foreigner ... well, at least not if he not the one in my kinda-guy list. heeeee~
This guy he's a Filipino working in the hotel - i don't know maybe as a manager there ... Quiet a guy but not the type of my guy ... too cute! cute guy not for me, sorry folks!

So, let's remininsce - well, actually i'm not sure if all these got to do with what just happened.

That last morning at the hotel, while i was having my breakfast actually about to have (kena line up nak amik air ar) ... One of the makcik have trouble using the machine ... So, come the guy and help up then he turn to me and asked what i want ... So, i just said "tea!" ... he made it for me =D and i actually, out from the line already.

So, whatever it is i just don't want anything to happen between me with the guy ... I prayed, prayed and keep on praying - "please make the paper i wrote my number gone missing or if he remembers my number, make him forgot!" (cruel but that's the best thing).
In fact, he's coming to work in Malaysia - i don't know, maybe this year coz he said he'll come to Malaysia to work here NEXT YEAR (which, we still in 2009 that time) So, must be this year-lah, right??? =S - okay, freaked out! .... YA ALLAH, makbulkanlah doa hambaMU ini~ (T_T)

So, there goes thing i don't want to happen but i almost make it happen ... The next story, thing i want it to happen but i just let the chance pass through me ... haih~

2nd Story

Airport, Jeddah

Okay, masa tengah beratur untuk scan barang ...

There was an english guy - Entahlah dari mana dia tu,kan .... So, he was standing next to me - He was holding a roll bag and carry a laptop bag (I'm pretty sure) ... So, i made it first ... Scan...scan...scan... i got passed ... So, while waiting for my parent aku pun tgk keliling ... Sight-seeing, heeeeeee~
Then, this guy made it through but i 100% confident he left his laptop bag because he just bring with him the roll bag ... So, aku pun cakap kat mak aku and at the same time looking at the bag - Bukannya, nak kejar mamat mat salleh tu, kan? - Dah lama sikit baru ada kesedaran nak bangun dan menjenguk if that guy still in the area ... Unfortunately, he already gone and the lappie bag is still there - no one come to take it (So, it is that guy lappie bag) .... Sigh~
I have a chance to help people but i just blew it ... TAK TAULAH KENAPA DENGAN KU NIH!!!!

...but well, what ever happened we have to see the bright side ... Aku tak tau apa ada dalam beg tu, buat ada dadah ke or barang curi ke tetiba akulah yang pergi amik ... Memang cari pasal! So, a bit relief to think of it that way =]

Hurm....tu jelah citernya .... tak tau dah nak cakap apa - korang sajalah yang berikan kesimpulannya yer .... huhu

alrite, till then ... TOoDleZ


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