Recently, I was checking on my facebook and suddenly I bump to a post made by a friend ... hurm, not exactly a close one actually ... Okay, doesn't matter.
First of all, I have nothing against what the person may belief but sometimes it quiet annoying when you just like to bash on people's belief and good advices ... Seriously, it's a good message sent from some people who concerns a lot about Muslim's women behavior nowadays that could effect themselves and also the people of the opposite sex.

I believe some of you have seen this video: Sila klik saya, saya tak boleh klik diri sendiri

So, it doesnt matter what your belief ... Just respect others because you have no idea about the religion. I believes that every religion have their own dos and donts ... so stop judging others ...

Okay, let I explain the video...

The video touches on 2 things ... One, about how some Muslim's women loves to upload their picture in condition where they unaware of how they represent themselves in that photo. For example, the way they dress up which somehow doesn't meet the dress code commanded on them by God. Some of us do slipped up a lot in that matter but we tend to deny it and just roll with it as if it's have no effect at all on us. But then again, it's not only affected us but the opposite sex too.

Men are easily tempted by women in someway we women couldn't possibly imagine. That is why we've been given a certain guidelines so we can avoid the unwanted situation from happens. So, Islam actually protecting their women and help the guys to control their natural lust towards women. That's why women who deliberately exposed themselves and cause a guy to feel lusty towards them, they are committing not one but two sin. One because she deliberately expose herself to the level attracting the guy and two because she had neglected the dress code rules.

Now, number two the video touches on the status we set on our facebook for example ... everyday we've been updating and we tell even something that we shouldn't tell others. Example, a husband talking about his wife or a wife talking about her husband. All those bad things came out in the social network websites and the whole world read it. Isn't that something that inappropriate? So, these kind of things that the person creating these video tried to bring it to us (Muslim friends especially). For us to see it differently and take it cynically is unacceptable. Especially when someone from other religion mocking what the video really trying to deliver. Remind others Muslim to become a better Muslim is the greatest value that we keep in us everyday and we will never stop remind our Muslim friends about what they should or shouldn't do in order to protect them and saves them from keep being in the wrong track. 

Now, if you think only Islam are the only religion that urge their women to cover themselves then I guess you have to go back to the basic of your religion.

1st of all, darling ... go get your bible;
1 Corinthians 11:2 - 16 

In my opinion, even Christians have the laws about covering the hair for women ... even the hair needs to be covered, what about other part of the body? It's logically to me, they also have to maintain a modest dress to ensure the command were followed and respected. hurm, same goes to us.
Some of the material I read online point out that not only a Christian's women should cover their head but also their body. See how the nun dress up. 

As for the Jewish;

Listen very carefully.

The man did said about how a man naturally will be attracted to women and how important for them to cover their hair. Hurm, all focusing on women's hair. I bet a women's hair really have a seductive element which can draws man attention. As for Jewish, they will wear someone's else hair a.k.a wig to cover their own hair. hurmmm...clever...
*Adakah ini sebab kenapa wanita Islam tidak dibenarkan memakai rambut palsu??? hurmmm...

So, there you go ... Again, I have nothing against other religion beliefs. I respect all the religion in the world for I expect them to respect mine ... As for the conclusion, my dear there's no need to judge others ... We all have our own rules that needs to be followed but do we really follow it? It depends on you, yourself only. Muslims lifestyle will definitely be different from any others because we believes in what have been taught of us in Quran. Some of us might be portraying something else but same goes to any other people in other religion. Rules are meant to be broken but remember, there always a price to pay for everything we did in this life. So, go figure.

Peace to you all ... Lives in love and respect and others will respect you.

Till then, 


Ok, ak da sampai blog ko~ puas? *pergh emo :p* Hehe anyway, wah, da makin sofistikated la design cik Ecah~ Well done :> *especially da xder element twilight wkakakakak!* :p

Erm...lari topik >.< Sori~
heeee....segan2 kambing lak tetibe saya =p

Hurm kesedaran pasal pic twilight tu baru sampai dis year....totally sick, kan?? NAPE TAK CAKAP AWAL2??? weekkk~!

anyway, thanks (^^,
i M a Z a i M i said…
hehe..good points of view. even i can't see the video, tp tau jugak lah video tu pasal ape if referring to kak aishah's explanation.

bukan senang nak berubah, tp bukan mustahil kan? :D

err..btw, kenape ngan pic twilight tu? ade isu lain eh? sorry, nyampuk jap..:D
Thank you... =D

video tu tak boleh tgk ke????

pasal pic twilight tu takde apa yang penting...cuma, aritu buat pic ngan edward...heeeeeeeee =p

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