14teen going 15teen

Assalamualaikum W.B.T

Selamat hari Jumaat yang indah lagi penuh barakah ... (^__________^)Y

I have a TEENAGE KID!!!


Okay, shouldn't put it that way ... HAHAHA ... Sounds like a very big problem to have one. No-lah, it's such a wonderful feeling actually to experience the development process of a teenage girl.

Alhamdulillah, one of my #gegulahati dah semakin nak meremajakan dirinya ... Silalah refer gambar di bawah >_<

Special request, hokey!!!

Nasib baiklah maksu awak ni sporting habis kakak ...

As long as you didn't do anything crazy, I will support you.

Biasalah, anak perempuan sekarang berbeza dengan anak perempuan dulu2 ... Sekarang banyak pengaruh dari Korea - cute and skinny fashion (heh~!). Tengoklah cari barang pun brand made from Korea. Funny-lah kakak ni ... 

Seingat aku, dulu aku sangatlah tak more to benda2 make up ni tapi more tu menggatai nak pakwe (LoL!) - I wish i had an option back then, I surely choose to get my hand dirty with those make up and those related stuff. Oh, btw ... being fit is one of my thing since school. Guess i'm crazy to gets those abs since I'm at my teenage years. So, only almost see the result today ... fuh~ Trust me, it is not an easy job since I LOVE FOOD!!!

Umur-umur macam ni, kita kena jadi kawan kepada mereka - So, here I am to be your most best buddy kakak *grin~

Whatever you do, don't go overboard yah ... your study is important as your beauty ... Beauty can come second but education always have to be on the TOP!

... and as for education, I mean both Dunya and Akhirah lesson dear.

Akhir kata, may ALLAH always protect you from harm from all bad influences so you can be the best Muslimah here in this Dunya and in the hereafter. AMEEN~

Kakak and Mak Su, once upon a time ... when I was 15 (if i'm not mistaken) ... HAHAHA, silalah gelakkan fesyen saya dolu2 *evil you~ (-_-!

Mak Su always miss you and love you (^^,)Y

Till Then,


Unknown said…
Hehe..ops tergelak.. Comelnyer kakak
Hi Miss Yana!! #lambai2tangan

Hahahaha ... memang comel :p
Unknown said…
Hehehe. itu memang special request siap dengan details lagi kat mana nak cari. hikhik
Tula pasal...layankan jela :)

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