Anjaana Anjaani

Assalamualaikum and Good Morning,

Dear all you beloved ... 

As per above subject ... Today is totally on movie review thou the movie actually wayyyyy back in 2010, still I just watched it last Wednesday so I'm gonna put it here this year 2014 ... HAHAHA

Punca tiba-tiba nak menonton cerita ini ... As I was, relaxing in front of the tv selecting channel then come to this Hindi movie which sounds like a good movie so I browse the info of the movie and to my surprise, the synopsis of the movie lead me to stay and watch the movie till the end coz it sounds so ridiculous I have to watch! THE END! :p 

Okay, so the movie snippet up there in the picture not really what it is. Yeah, it's about two couple planning on suicide but there's somehow a good message comes with it. Well, thou the good message is like only quarter of the movie or maybe less. But hey! my point is for the main message "DO NOT COMMIT SUICIDE" part. There are still other good messages. Go check it out to finds out!

I just love everything about Priyanka Chopra thou I hate her too for being too sexy! HAHAHA ... but then, she's a good actress come along with Ranbir Kapoor (oh, that guy~!) - Just love his Charlie Chaplin looks ... Not to forget the body ... and in this movie if you really loves Ranbir, you really really really need to watch this *Blinkingeyes ... SERIOUSLY if you know what I mean ... HAHAHAHA ... okay, get away you notty wicked mind!

So, basically I seriously don't want to ruin this movie for those who still didn't watch it but I have to ... Sorry~

My favourite part in these movie is when they meet each other and then, when they was stranded in the desert and of course the ending part ... Thou it's a bit cliche still sweet and honestly if I to be in the situation I will do just the same ... Not the suicide one-lah of coz, come on~!! The part when, you keep the promise to meet thou maybe the promise will be slightly different for the agenda yet still just to meet each other again and to see how it will goes from there - oh, how sweet!

Okay, enough reviews ... So, go watch it! If you fancy love story then this one can be consider as one of the good movie ... I gave this movie 4/5 stars

Okay, enjoy your weekend people ... Love you all!!!

So happy today coz will going back to my hometown, spending time with my two lovely angels (my mom and dad) and of coz the wedding ... Hurmmm ... 

Okay, till then


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