S-I-N-G-L-E =)

WuT iS?
(DaLaM BaHaSa MeLaYuNyA ApAkAh...HeHe...FaV WoRd EmA ChAn)

It's getting scary when I see my galfrens breaking up...go through the hard time from the past relation...I've been there but my case is a bit different becoz we dun have those more than a year relationship(harharhar...laugh it up) but it does give me a very valuable lesson...

When, we talk about someone special, sometimes I do think about how special is special? What makes them special? Is it becoz our true feeling towards them or is it juz about material? Is it becoz looks? etc...

Being solo for about like the whole life of mine exclude 2004 and 2005(hehehe) really give me the misery toughts that i wud never find the perfect match for me... I keep rejecting peeps after the "incident" ... I've a lot of thing going on in my mind...I try to like someone but the best girl win. Unfortunately, I'm not that girl...So, that is when I stop putting so much attention on this subject...Drop it & live up ur life!

But then, I realize no matter how hard u try to avoid the feeling and how many times u keep telling urself "I HATE GUYS!!!" You yelling and screaming like hell to not be in lovey dovey world again...Gal, u juz cant live without them...Some say it is ridiculous but that's the fact unless u change ur sexual orientation(kalau rasa2 nak kena sambar petir buat lew..) ... So, that's wut happen to me... It even more like coming to me so deep when I see couples holding hand, having a conversation and laughing together, Sometimes hearing my other galfren talking about their bf and about their relationship how they cherish it, it's like droping ur tears down...And I will go like this "When will it be my turn?" Sambil menggaru2 kepala yang tidak gatal ... Huhuhu...

But for me since I already acquaint with such situation so i dun mind i guess to be SINGLE for the nex 3-4 years...harhar...HE wont be so cruel to me not giving me a chance to lurve a man wit all my heart, rite???? But until then, I guess I juz have to wait and be patience...As like one of my gal said "Nanti ko dah keje ade la tu..." Same line used by my mom...siGh~!

And please wut I said here is not becoz I'm desperate or wut ... It's juz a simple advice(Does it even sound like one?ErK...LaYaN JeWh) and juz something dat doesn't come out from my mouth! AhaKs~! =)

But DaMn, I aLwiZ WuN To SeE HiM AgAin...SiGh~!


eM. said…
u are a single lady and loving evry bit of it is wat u shud do!!!
sabrina cheng said…
oops do not hate someone where hate was a guy or man bcoz hate is love...
adslmh said…

aku tergolong la dlm kategori tu
utk cik Aida jgn tergolong dalam golongan tuh, you gorgeous gurl..

Utk cik em, erm....erm....erm....SUDAH! ko takkan jd single..huh! phhhbbbtttt =P

utk cik pelangi,
I wont hate anybody...tak baik...seramai org yg kiter benci ramai tu jugela org yg membenci kiter...betul...betul...betul

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