TaG - MeNgEtaG



[01] Real name: Nur Aishah binti Dawood Gany
[02] Nickname: Aisya, Ecah, Sya, Syg(eh, blom lagi..ngeee)
[03] Status: single and PROUD!
[04] Zodiac Sign: Cancer si Ketam!
[05] Gender: BaBeS/GaL/Perempuan/Female/Lady
[06] Age: 23 years ... YoUng @ ALiVe =)
[07] High School: SMKDHAB,SMKP (Cari ler sendiri per full name bagi singkatan tuh..wahahahahaha)
[08] College: KOLEJ POLYTECH MARA,KL ----> UPM
[09] Height: 161cm
[10] this question has been deleted by Blogger.com ---->Hurmmmm.....
[11] Do you like yourself: Very much
[12] Piercings: telinga, idung, kaki dan mulut...wahahahaha...idiota! Telinga sudah...
[13] Right or left hand: RiGhtHaNdeD RuLezzzzzzz....
[14] Are you a freak: DaMn, I suPpOsE BuT MiNimAL StAgE I gUeSs =P
[15] Hair: It's a secretla...what's the function of covering ur hair wit tudung if u want to put all the detail here, rite???????
[16] Skin: Sweet black as hitam manis in malay? Wahahahahahaha
[17] Allergic: So far i dun have anything i can get allergic to...but perhaps HOT GUYS! ummmmm....
[18] What are you doing now: brainwash myself to answer all this question, doh~!?
[19] What will you doing 1 hour later: Taking care of my niece where suddenly I have to babysit her today...huhu
[20] What will you doing 10 years later: Get myself a bungalow equipped wit swimming pool, gim + dance hall, Library, Small karaoke room + Home theatre, Surau (Takkan nak benda2 duniawi jer kot...ummmm...), HOT HUBBY and not to be miss the amazing kids! =)
[21] Live with mother/father/parents/family: parents
[22] Siblings(included you): Im the youngest from 4 siblings where all bros and i'm the lil princess in d houz =) (Yeah..yeah..no wonder...i noe..)
[23] Eldest: Abang as known as Muhammad Zaki
[24] Youngest: ME! =)
[25] Love/hate your family: LoVe ThEm WiT ALL My HeArt...D OnLy TrEaSuRe I hAvE DaT I ChEriShEd MoSt...


[26] You found your another half: .... .... .... .... .... 99% .... .... Sorry, search not found! =(
[27] If yes, who is he/she:

[28] Who you want he/she to be: Someone who can complete me ... ahhhhhh (yeah, i noe)
[29] Time(s) you in relationship:
[30] Ever woo boy/girl: Erm, ... MAK, I need to use ur finger!!! but unfortunately all WORTHLESS!
[31] Anyone woo you before: Erm, have one but he had been rejected (Wut a cruel world...sorry, hon...)
[32] Did anything wrong to your other half: ....still searching...
[33] What was/were the wrong you had done: Fall for the wrong guy...erk~!
[34] Ever argue with your other half: wt*...
[35] You with your other half since:
[36] Are you straight/Lesbo: Hurm, as far as I concern I am a STRAIGHT LADY =)
[37] Reasons you love your other half:
[38] You and your other half in which stage:
[39] You woo he/she or he/she woo you: Shud I answered this one?? NAH!!!
[40] Ever think of marry he/she:


[41] Your first best friend: Fathahiyah Khairunnisa, my kindergarden,primary and secondary school and we remain the same until today...hope to death do us apart..hehehehehe =)
[42] Your first enemy: dun have, dont wanna have one, will never have one =) PEACE to The WORLD!
[43] The friends you love the most: Sure my best fren but my luv goes to all my fwens =)
[44] The enemy you hate the most(1 only): my Evil Twin ... ngeeeeeee
[45] Your most beautiful girl friend: Owh, all of them have their own sense of beauty...no doubt about it.
[46] Your most handsome boy friend: Hurm, I guess my ex...harharhar
[47] The kind of girl you hate the most: hypocryte! self-centered! Scary beyond no reason..erk~!
[48] The kind of boy you hate the most: DaMn BaStaRd! ArRoGaNt + BeRLaGaK BaGuS MaCaM MaChO TaPi HaNcUr + JuDgiNg ThRu LoW-miNdEd ObSeRvaTiOn ...Huh~!
[49] You fall in love with your close friend before: Never
[50] Your best friend is your ex-lover:
[51] If your friend backstabbing you: May he/she never find safetiness in their life...no tranquility...only chaos and the DOOM life...MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA .. ngeeeeeeeeeeee
[52] If your friend betray you: answer in question 51 ...huhu
[53] If your friend woo your lover: I woo her back wit a spank in her face!
[54] If your friends fall in love with you: Erm, best man win...
[55] If you fall in love with your best friend: Lucky im in luv wit my best fren..lucky to have been where i have been...lucky to becoming home again....lalalala..lalalalala....huhu


[56] Are you a good student: Im into it...
[57] You always done your homeworks/assignments: Alwiz! and im very gud at it...wahahaha
[58] The teacher/tutor you love the most: The late Mr.Sreerengan who teaches me add math ='(
[59] Always late to school/college: Try not to be but alwiz happen to me...sigh~ (my beloved coursemate dun make me late again next sem!)
[60] Your class: Im in holiday mode ...
[61] You love your seniors: LoVe ThEm All but I dun NoE aBouT tHeM ... erk~!
[62] Senior who you love the most: Hurm...serching...searching...searching... Sorry, not even one! They juz so serious...taula senior...lek la...
[63] Your classmates good/bad: 2 thumbs up goes to them
[64] Excellent result classmate: Hurm, some-some .. hehe
[65] Laziest classmate: They don't live here...erk~!


[66] Smart people: my father
[67] Stupid people: Who looks down on others without seriously check on themself.
[68] Good looking people: someone who really understand the meaning of having one RELIGION in their life and why they have to follow all the rules.
[69] Ugly people: Ahli Neraka...erk~!
[70] Funny people: Me =)
[71] Cute people: am i? hehehehe ...
[72] Bad people: Bad~...bad~...bad~ boy ... huhuhuhu
[73] Honest people: Easy...Someone who can be true to themself =)
[74] Acting people: I learn from the best...
[75] You are what kind of people: Scary beyond no reason...erk~! Get to noe me to truly judge me


[76] Lip or eyes: Eyes ... Dari mata turun ke hati =)
[77] Hugs or kisses: Can i have both? nGeeee....
[78] Shorter or taller: tall...taller...tallest =) either one ... erk~!
[79] Hesitant or spontaneous: Spontaneous of course...
[80] Nice stomach or nice arms: both needed!
[81] Listener or talker: I'm a very gud listener but to some peeps its better for you to juz listen...huhu
[82] Romantic or rich: Im not try to be greedy here but can I have both? again...?
[83] Good husband or Good Father: When ur a gud husband no doubt for u to go to the next stage successfully.


[84] Age to get marry: Before 27
[85] Numbers of kid(s): Let's HE decide
[86] Career: Enterprenuer
[87] Salary: Hurm, as long as i capable to have wut in answer no 20 (the material) is okay i guess =)
[88] Retirement age: till death do us apart ... hehehe
[89] Properties value: High...Higher...Highest...erk~!
[90] Wishes: May all my dream come true (^_^)


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