The A word

Have come to my sense where i should not compare the one who love me most and someone i just get pass by sometimes

Have come to my sense in moving on there is never a looking back to the past memories that should be burn into ashes

Have come to my sense when i have not yet enough confidence in sense of loving the one who truly love me I should not pretend to even be in love

Have come to my sense when i walk a million miles and had those insecurity feeling the one who truly love me will stand there to protect not some passer by

Have come to my sense the word eternity never means end to the one who truly love you but it does to some passer by interpret as only a joke

Have come to my sense
appreciate the love in front is worth than take a risk of short introduction to some passer by and fall to the ground

Sometimes in life we not always get what we want but we have to learn to
accept what's already meant to be ours and appreciate it... You can only feel true love when you learn to appreciate...

Never have hatred when love failed
criticize when love failed
Never show who's right and who's wrong when love failed
Never let your
ego high up to the sky when love failed
Learn to forgive
Learn to reminisce
Learn to embrace the fact
Learn to understand the mistakes

I consider myself in a learning process in this subject...I shall not fail!

May YOU help this helpless servant

The most important thing! Learn to love your creator...only the one who have good relationship with their creator can bring happiness to others without doubt!

May ALLAH bless you all

Angel^of^Luv speaks!


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