What's with L-O-V-E?

Post chenta kita kali ini akan membawakan kisah suka-duka dunia perchentaan aku....wah~! syahdunyew~!

Well, i started my lurve life when i was in standard 3 (yes, aku sangat gatai!) but it's not like im having them all the time. Its juz the feeling towards another gender started to develop in me...So, my first boy i attracted to name Shahril....dia tu kawan sepermainan aku, ntah macam mana leh terjatuh chenta ngan dia....dahla main bola sekali....akakakaka...(and yes, aku mmg sgt jantan masa kecik2....sgt tidak disukai oleh makcik2 ku sbb aku tak mcm anak2 perempuan mereka yang ayu sopan, duduk kat dapur...aku suka pecahkan barang!!! weeeee~ aku suka kehidupan aku masa kecik2...enuff said!)

So, i started to develop a lil kinda feeling towards this fwen of mine and i can see his discomfort...huahuahua...but then, we changed school and i never saw him again....dah jadi bapak org pe gamaknyew sekang....hehehe =P
and then, came Akram....and i dun remember who else...all, totally physical attraction....gud looking guy...besa ar cinta mohnyet! but I never really get them...hahahahaha...Aku sangat comot masa sekolah....kikikiki...and aku selalu terjatuh chenta ngan bebudak yg leh dikategorikan kelas pandai2...They live with books! Aku je yang menggatai....huahuahua....eleh, masuk universiti gaks!

Then, aku dah sekolah menengah!!!! At this age, my feeling im not really sure grow on what bases...coz, masa sekolah rendah they all semua terpilih sebab gud looking, dats all!
So, masa sekolah menengah i think it still bout the whole physical attraction....Khairul Azhar namanya....The most embarassing moment ar ngan mamat nih....tak mo citer! nasib baik 2 tahun je kat sekolah tu, then we all move to Kay Ell...Welcome to the HELL! (masa tu, tula yang aku fikir) I dun find friends dat suits me, I manage to get into the first class and i sure u all can guess how they all in the class....Totally, way better than me....Aku cam semut gak ar lam kelas tu....Fuh~! tak leh hingat masa tu....one girl got jealous with me coz i suddenly like 'attached' to her best friend and she dun really like dat....she acted weird wit me until one day she came to confront me.....ko jeles aku kawan ngan kawan baik ko upernyew!!! (wut r u a lesbo or something?) Aku pun menjauhkan diri dari kawan baik dia nih....sedey siut~! Owh, masa tu form 2....ayah aku kena transfer ke KL pertengahan tahun....and of coz, ada je mamat hensem lagi pandai lam kelas tuh, sekali lagi terjatuh chenta....tapi still sendiri2 menyimpan perasaan sebab tak berani dah nak memberanikan diri meluah perasaan, wahahahhahaha....nih semua sbb wut happened to me back in Penang (yg ngan Khairul Azhar tu) ... Setiap tingkatan ada je orang baru tapi semuanya disimpan jauh di sudut hati ni....wah~! (tissue~) and they all of coz 100% physical attraction!
So, the conclusion is i never have any bf while i was schooling....squeky clean!

I got into college....guess wut!? Finally, one love returned! tapi cam bangang gak ar how it ended....still, i can say he's my first lurve....one guy who i ever really giving all my heart to....and when it failed i kinda like lost in my own world...even poped up in my mind to end up my life (masa frust tertonggeng, terbalik, jatuh terduduk segala)...He gave me the most valuable lesson....I'm not myself after dat...I hate guy....my motive to actually close with them juz to broke their heart but i dun really reach that level...tak sampai ati nak mainkan perasaan orang....tak baik, diorang tak bersalah....hehehehe....dats y i guess im the one who kept being the VICTIM!

The whole love thing....are they really come purely from our heart or is it juz solely physical attraction? From my experience, yang masa sekolah tu semua mmg chenta tipu2 jer...but at my age now, 23 going 24...i dun think looks are important anymore....kalau muka cam Brad Pitt pun tapi from other aspect he like zero, erk~ nak buat apakan....Maybe, as time pass by we getting wiser and matured...as for me, i consider the whole thing....from looks, education, family background, religion, and etc...Semua tu penting but i do sometimes fragile....Easily touched! Maybe I lurve the attention...Sometimes, my evil twin poped up and control me....huahuahuahua....so, i temporary stuck wit the wrong guy...but i dun like when it turn into love which i can say i can't undo...So, aku ase people yang buat org jatuh chenta ngan dia sekadar utk main2 sangat jahat....Why?? Hello~! it can cause someone's life!

I can love and when I fall in love its for real...It never for my own pleasure and my own interest....So, plzzzzz dun come to my life and change those principal i made!
(kengkawan aku and my family sangat marah ngan aku yang cepat jatuh suka ngan org..aku tak tau nak ckp apa ngan diorang...if only they can be at my place and see how's it feel to really have the attention you've been desire to have but u never have the guts to actually let it nigh enuff to call it one simple experience L-O-V-E ... sigh~ (juz let me experience and learn laaaa....tapi bila jatuh, padan muka aku...huahuahua)
HE always there to protect me...As long as my iman still kukuh di dada, nothing worst going to happen to me....INSYALLAH (aminkan...reramai!!!)

think positive!!! it wasnt for me and it wasnt my time juz yet!


Mar Aida Farida said…
moga ko dpt seseorg y ko idam2kan..
setiap sesi pembelajaran,mmg ada y ko trjatuh chenta ek?
Saje nak menambahkan sedikit citarasa lam sesi pembelajaran aku...hahaha =P Pelajaran tmbhn...

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